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ABC s of Cyber Bullying for Students


 A   Avoid posting or sending mean comments toward others online.

B    Block the senders who repeatedly send nasty comments or messages to you.

C    Clarify the intent of a message that bothers you. Maybe the sender was just joking.         

D    Delete mean messages or comments, but be sure to save a copy of the evidence.
E     Encourage your friends to post positive comments and messages online.
F    Forward abusive messages to the internet service provider so that it can warn the 
G    Generate a positive cyber atmosphere by avoiding disrespectful treatment of others.
H    Help others who are targeted by posting positive or encouraging messages.
I     Invite a classmate who has been targeted online to participate in an activity with you.
J    Join with others to stamp out cyber bullying by addressing it in student leadership
K     Keep a record or log of cyber bullying incidents to assist you in reporting the incidents.
L    Limit "friends" on your social networking sites or buddy lists to people you know.
M   Make a public service announcement or start a campaign in your school to prevent
                                                                  cyber bullying. 
N    Name aggressive, mean, online behavior as cyber bullying when you see it.
O     Open your eyes to bullying incidents everywhere.
P      Protect yourself by using the privacy features on social networking sites.
Q      Quickly report cyber bullying that includes threats of violence or self-harm, sexual                                                                       exploitation or harassment to a trusted adult or the police.
R      Respect others in the real world and digital world.
S     Support targets of bullying online and in the real world through words of support and
                                                                  offers of help.
T    Tell an adult at home and at school if you or your classmates are being cyber bullied.
U     Understand how words and can be weapons and choose yours wisely.

V      Verify with the sender that it is okay before you forward their message to others.
W    Write an article for the school newspaper about cyber bullying to educate other 
                                                                    students about the problem.
X    "X" amine your own behavior online. Treat others as you want to be treated. 
Y     Yelling online is viewed as rude. Avoid typing in all caps.
 Z     Zip your lips and your keyboard when it comes time to gossip and rumors!