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Student Assistance Counselor

Middle School Guidance Office

Mrs. Christine Tyburczy, Student Assistance Counselor/HIB Specialist, Middle School 908-689-0750, ext. 2030

The Student Assistance Program is a confidential intervention program set up in our school to help parents and students with various issues that may arise throughout the middle school years. The purpose of the program is to intercede as soon as possible in situations of student crisis. If the situation is drug or alcohol related various members of the middle school staff, including myself, will take the appropriate steps necessary to assist the student and family while following school protocol.

 It is important to remember that the Student Assistance Program at Warren Hills Middle School is NOT a treatment resource or disciplinary program . Should a student need further assistance than the Student Assistance Counselor can provide, they will be referred to our School Based Program or an outside facility. It is the job of the Student Assistance Counselor at Warren Hills Middle School to observe behavior and facilitate appropriate treatment plans. 

 I look forward to working with staff, students and parents to create a positive, successful school community!