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Free Educational Websites

C-Span Classroom

This site offers many resources for teaching about history, the government, and current topics.

CNN Student News

This site provides current news topics appropriate for middle and high school students. The site recommends previewing the content before using it with students.


This website will help you will MLA citations.

EasyBib Video - Citations For Beginners

This video discusses plagiarism and the importance of citing one's sources. It goes over the format and components of MLA citation.

EasyBib Video - In-text Citations

This video explains the times when in-text citations are needed and the proper way to create them.

EasyBib Video Primary and Secondary Sources

This video explains the difference between primary and secondary sources and the importance of using both types of sources in your research.

EasyBib Video - Staying Safe on the World Wide Web

This video will discuss ways to stay safe while on the World Wide Web.

EasyBib Video - Digital Footprint

This video explains what a digital footprint is and things to consider before posting things online.

English Language Translation Glossaries

This site from New York University provides glossaries in various subject areas for a multitude of languages. 


This is a civics website created by Sandra Day O'Conner.

Kids Health

This is a great website with a lot of  health information. There are videos, activity sheets, lesson plans. It has topics that are covered in both science and health. 


This is a curated image library that is safe and free for education.

Purdue Online MLA Writing Lab

This website helps students with proper MLA format. It helps with the proper citation and bibliographic format for research. 

Purdue Online APA Citation Format

This site explains the proper way to cite information using the APA format.

Common Sense Media

This site offers several videos on Internet safety.


This site teaches about Internet safety.


This website teaches all about Internet safety.