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Health Office Policy and Procedures

Please note the following information

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Please read the following medical information carefully and note for future reference:

Medications in School

Below is a copy of the school medication policy and the medication form you are to use is included on the Health Information and Downloadable Forms page. This form must be completed by a physician AND parent for any medication needed during the school year, including over-the counter medication. If your child will require medication in school this year, kindly complete your part of the form and have your physician complete his/her part of the form and then return it to school BEFORE medication is to be administered. Please refer to the medication policy below for specifics. Please be advised that no medication can be administered by the school nurse without a physician order and parent's permission.

If you need more forms, please download them from the list on the Information and Forms page or contact the school nurse at: MS 908-689-0750 ext. 2020.

Medical Excuses from the Middle School

If your student has a chronic medical condition (such as asthma, diabetes,migraine headaches, gynecological problems, etc.) that in the past has resulted in a number of absences from school beyond the cum out policy,you may want to contact your child's Guidance Counselor or Case Manager. Modifications will no longer be made through the Middle School Health Office. Your child should have either a 504 through Guidance or an IEP through Child Study Team. Appropriate modifications for attendance will be made at that level.The note will be kept on file in the Health office. However, each absence from school covered by a blanket note MUST be followed within 10 days by a parent's written note stating the date and reason for the absence for it to be excused. Our intention is to try to alleviate the large number of unexcused absences due to chronic medical conditions.

School Physicals

It is important to obtain medical examinations of students at least once during each developmental stage: early childhood, pre-adolescent to adolescent. The Warren Hills Regional Board of Education requires that all new or transfer students have documentation of a physical examination. If this creates a financial hardship, please contact the Health Office for criteria and information on school assisted physicals.

-Any student who has a sports physical within the required time period will not be required to have another physical examination.
-If your student is entering 7th grade or is a new entrant to Warren Hills district, please contact the Health or Athletic office for the appropriate forms, and return both to the school nurse or Athletic office as soon as possible.

New entrants without documentation of a physical exam will be required to provide one within 30 days, or the student must be excluded from school.

Scoliosis Screening

Warren Hills conducts a screening program for scoliosis for all pupils biennially until age 18, as required by law. Scoliosis is defined as a condition of the spine in which the spine may curve to the left or right. It is most commonly found during the time of rapid growth and may progress if not treated. The purpose of the screening program is to recognize scoliosis in its earliest stages.

You are invited to be present, if you desire. If you do wish to be present for the examination, please call MS689-0750 ext. 2020 to make an appointment. Whether or not you are present, you will be informed of any problem that is identified.

If you DO NOT want your child to be examined by the school nurse, please complete and sign the scoliosis screening form from the Information and Forms page and have your child return it on the first day of school.

Immunization Requirement

1. Hepatitis B:  According to new state law, all incoming students must have at least started the Hepatitis B vaccine series. Since the Hepatitis B series is now a state requirement, if the student is not in compliance, he/she will be excluded from school. This will be implemented on the first day of school in September.   2. Tdap and meningococcal: One dose of each, for students born on or after 1-1-97.  A child is not required to have a Tdap dose until FIVE years after the last DTP-DTaP or Td dose. 3. Varicella:  One dose, for students born on or after 1-1-98.  Given on or after the 1st (first) birthday, or documentation of disease history.  A second dose at least 4 (four) weeks after the initial dose is highly recommended.  **Parental statement of disease history is acceptable.


All medication orders must be renewed yearly.

The administration of medication in school is discouraged by school personnel because it is not normally a function of education. However,some children with chronic illnesses and specific disabilities may require medication during the school day.

When administration of medication is required, the following policy must be followed:

1. The parent or guardian must provide a written request for the administration of the prescribed medication at school.

2. A written order must be provided to the school from the private physician stating the diagnosis or type of illness involved, name of drug, dosage, and frequency of administration. Forms for doctors may be obtained from the school nurse.

3. The medication should be brought to the school in the original container, appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician.

4. The certified school nurse or the parent/guardian are the only ones permitted to administer medication in school.

5. No over-the-counter medicines are to be brought into the building unless accompanied by a written order from a physician and a written request from a parent or guardian. The school doctor has provided a standing order to administer one or two 325 mg. tablets of Tylenol as needed for menstrual cramps/headache/pain and Tums for heartburn/stomach upset with parent's written or verbal permission. The Health Office will have a supply of Tylenol and Tums on hand. If your child requires Tylenol frequently, we would request that you send in your own bottle of medication.

6. The school nurse must be advised of any drug being taken by a student, particularly those which might cause a change in behavior.

7. Students with asthma/inhaler or anaphylactic reaction/epipen may self-administer medication. However, the student's doctor must write the order giving permission, name of medication, frequency of use, and signed by the student's parents. The nurse must be informed when the student uses the medication, whenever possible.


The State of New Jersey mandates the following health screening program for public school students at Warren Hills School District Level:

1. Height and Weight - Annually
2. Vision Screening - Annually
3. Hearing Screening - Grades 7 & 11
4. Scoliosis Screening - Biennially until age 18

5. Physical Exam - All New Students to the Warren Hills Regional School District are required to show documentation of a physical exam  

The Warren Hills Regional School District provides this screening program during the regular school day at no cost to the parents.  However, parents may choose to have any or all health screenings performed at their own expense by their personal physician. Physical examinations are NOT provided by Warren Hills Regional School District.  Students must be seen by their own family physician for this exam. Exam results must be recorded on the Warren Hills physical form, which can be obtained from either the Athletic or Health offices, or downloaded from the Warren Hills website. If you have any questions regarding examination procedures, please contact the school nurse.

Please address any questions you might have to the School Nurse at (908) 689-0750 extension 2020.