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Warren Hills Middle School Guidance Department

The Guidance Department is concerned with helping each individual, especially during this difficult time. Wheter virtual or hybrid, we are here to assist parents and students throughout their middle school journey. Each student is assigned a counselor with whom he/she may talk freely about plans and problems.

All matters concerning tests, records, transfers, schools, colleges, vocations and personal relations are serviced by the Guidance Department.  Parents as well as students are encouraged to start as early as possible to plan for each student's future.

The Warren Hills Board of Education recognized the extreme gravity of problems that can periodically affect individual students and/or their families in such areas as substance or child abuse, depression, or other related factors that can lead to missing children and/or potential teenage suicides, and has developed specific policies to address each of these concerns .  Should such problems arise, Warren Hills students and/or their parents are urged to contact a school official, (i.e., a teacher, guidance or crisis counselor, nurse, or administrator) for assistance in providing prompt help or support.  The guidance office telephone number is (908) 689-0750 ext. 2048.