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Middle School

Warren Hills Regional Middle School is comprised of 659 diverse 7th and 8th grade students. Our middle school structure includes two departmentally clustered grade-level teams. Presently, the range of academic opportunities for students includes courses in Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Visual & Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Computer Applications, Health & Physical Education, Music, Careers, Computer Assisted Instruction for Math and Language Arts and Interdisciplinary Enrichment. All areas of study benefit from the expansion of our technological resources through our district technology plan. Teachers have access to a variety of technological tools, which are used to enhance and supplement educational pedagogy.

Our Middle School Media center is well equipped with traditional research materials as well as with a variety of technological tools to enhance the learning process. Teachers and students in the Media Center have access to projectors for power point presentation, smart board presentations as well as laptops for computer-aided instruction utilizing a computer web based program for strengthening Language Arts and Mathematics skills. The Infinite Campus program permits parents and students of Warren Hills to access student grades at any time as well as attendance records and student assignments on a daily basis.

Warren Hills Middle School embraces best schools research, integrating appropriate practices into the delivery of instruction. Currently, we are engaged in three major initiatives in providing professional development training to staff in curriculum mapping, differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of all student learners, and in the collection and analysis of data to improve instruction in the classroom. We strive to balance academic challenge with affective support, with a view to developing students' critical thinking, decision-making, and social skills. The Warren Hills Schools are currently in the process of developing a web-based curriculum project which will afford parents and students the opportunity to access online textbooks, curriculum maps, study guides and notes to assist our students with tools that can help them be more successful in school.

Opportunities, which compliment the formal curriculum, offer our students a wide array of co-curricular activities. Middle School students are afforded opportunities to demonstrate civic responsibility through participation in the Builders Club associated with the Washington Kiwanis, Future Educators Club, and our Middle School Student Council. A variety of intramural and interscholastic athletic activities are available for student participation, while enhanced music opportunities are afforded through participation in the Instrumental and Vocal Music Clubs. Throughout the school year, students have opportunities to extend the formal curriculum through participation in field trip experiences, which focus on grade level initiatives aligned to our instructional program. Additionally, collaboration with local business people creates valuable learning experiences for our students in making them aware of vocational/career opportunities to which they may aspire and which are consistent with cross-content standards.

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) regulations mandate that all staff be highly qualified in the subject area(s) they teach. Additionally, it establishes the standards necessary for a school to meet adequate yearly progress (AYP) on the mandated NJ Ask 7 and 8 state assessments. Warren Hills Middle School has currently reached AYP/Safe Harbor designation for the second year in a row, therefore being removed from the states list as a School In Need of Improvement. This is due to adjustments by the Department of Education on the proficiency threshold and cut scores in determining what is to be considered proficient on the Math and Language Arts Assessments for each grade level. Our school continues to make great strides in addressing all recommendations provided by the CAPA team and is working diligently to improve student performance on the state assessments.

Parental involvement remains a crucial component to our students' middle school experience. We have taken the steps to establish a Parent, Teacher, Student Association, which is one way our parents are able to stay involved in their children's educational program. The Warren Hills Middle School PTSA meets once per/month in the evening with an agenda to discuss life in the middle from the perspective of students, parents and teachers. We believe this to be critical during the middle school years as we strive to deliver effective, challenging and relevant instruction. Warren Hills Middle School has also initiated a strategic planning process to afford all stakeholders in the district an opportunity to have a voice in establishing what we want Warren Hills Middle School to look like, feel like and be like in the future as we strive to improve.

We at the Middle School are proud of our efforts but realize the need to continue to set high standards for our students and challenge them in new ways.