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Social Studies Resources
  • Boston University African Studies Center - maintained by Boston University the site has current teacher resources as well as scholarly articles and perspectives on issues currently affecting different regions of Africa
  • Kenya 2030 - Kenya's structured development plan to raise the nation to industrialized status by 2030, great resource and case study to help students understand the growth and reforms going on in many African nations
  • Rutgers Center for African Studies - teacher resources for instruction about the many different nations, cultures, faiths and societies in Africa
  • South African History Online - South Africa-based organization that provides excellent resources and interactive features to help students understand the development on the nation and its people, great resource and case study
  • Teaching about Africa - K-12 resources site maintained by the Sanford University Library system with numerous links to helpful and engaging resources 
  • Asia for Educators -- maintained by Columbia University with emphasis on China, Korea, and Japan - provides resources and lesson plans for teaching about east Asian civilizations
  • Center for Southeast Asian Studies - University of Wisconsin hosted site with some resources for teaching about the nations and people of Southeast Asia and parts of Oceania
  • Indian Ocean in World History -  created and maintained by the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center (Oman) it has many different resources for teaching about all of the civilizations on the Indian Ocean throughout recorded history
  • South Asia Studies - University of Pennsylvania site with scholarly resources and K-12 lesson plans for teaching about the cultures, faiths, and people of southern Asia
  • Teaching the Middle East - teacher resource center hosted by the University of Chicago with lesson plans, essential questions, scholarly resources, images and other useful references
  • Council for Economic Education - CEE's teacher resources and webinars, timely topics that help to infuse economics education in to history curricula as well as offer stand-alone lessons
  • Federal Reserve Education - maintained by the San Francisco Bank this site has numerous free resources for teachers to use to teach about economics, financial literacy, the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy, fiscal policy and the money supply
  • Foundation for Teaching Economics - teacher's resources page, free lesson plans, free materials
  • FRED - Federal Reserve Economic Data - St. Louis Bank hosts database of U.S. economic statistics - current and historic data
  • Understanding Fiscal Responsibility - educational blog, current events blog, free lesson plans for U.S. History, U.S. Government, Economics, Civics (Columbia University) 
  • National Council for Geographic Education - teacher resources and lesson plans aligned among the 5 themes of geography
  • National Map - maintained by the United States Geologic Service it contains up-to-date and relevant geographic data as well as historic maps and their data
  • SHOW - interactive maps which demonstrate trends by adjusting the shapes of nations or U.S. states 
Social Studies 
U.S. Government 
  • Black Americans in Congress - Office of the Historian of the House of Representatives maintains this resource which includes lesson plans and primary source documents
  • The Center on Congress - maintained by Indiana University, provides free resources and guidance on teaching about the Congress and its work
  • C-SPAN Classroom - portal to C-SPAN's free teacher resources, unit plans, projects and video archive of the proceedings of the United States Congress; registration is required
  • Documents of Freedom - an online textbook and primary source resource from the Bill of Rights Institute.  It is free to use but registration is required.
  • - non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics' site that tracks campaign donation fundraising and spending
  • Women in Congress -  Office of the Historian of the House of Representatives maintains this resource which includes lesson plans and primary source documents
U.S. History
  • American Memory - Library of Congress digital archive of primary sources, lesson plans and unit plans
  • Digital History - University of New Hampshire digital archive of resources and lesson plans for teaching American history
  • Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - both the middle and high schools are in the Affiliate School program, so we have unlimited access to all of the resources, lesson plans, and primary sources on the site; log in required
  • In Motion: The African American Migration Experience -- website run by the Annenberg Center that chronicles the migration of African-Americans throughout the United States from colonial times through the present day.  It includes multimedia resources and lesson plans.
  • National Constitution Center -- website of the National Constitution Center with resources on the Constitution, rights, government and citizenship.
  • New Jersey Digital Highway - lesson modules focusing on historical events and trends in New Jersey