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Health and Physical Education

Welcome to the Department of Health and Physical Education


We believe that the physical education program must be one that provides an environment conducive to development of total fitness and overall wellness within the student.

Since education is an individual experience, a variety of activities is offered which allows each student to find some physical activities in which he/she can experience some measure of success. The teacher must provide an atmosphere whereby the student will perceive physical activity as an enjoyable, beneficial and meaningful experience.

It is the teacher's responsibility to provide a program that educates and motivates the student to eagerly and frequently participate in physical activities to make his/her life healthier and happier. The program and teacher must strive to make the student aware of the interrelationship between physical activity, fitness development, personal health and longevity and hopefully modify his/her attitudes and behaviors to make a commitment to health related fitness throughout his/her life.

The primary purpose of physical education is to provide knowledge, develop physical and motor skills and enhance self-concepts, socialization skills and overall wellness so that the student can pursue and maintain healthy lifestyles and leisure behaviors after the school years. Activities and approaches will be adapted as necessary to enhance the success of each individual regardless of his/her abilities.

The physical education program must strive to instill within the student a sense of fitness consciousness for the present and future that cause him/her to be self-motivated to develop a healthy, lifelong activity pattern. It is not enough to have knowledge and be able to perform certain psychomotor and physical skills. The student must learn to value the physical self and one's overall wellness. The program must cultivate within each student a desire to properly maintain the physical self as well as provide the knowledge and skills necessary to continually improve physical capabilities and overall fitness.


We seek a program in which students:

1. Actively participate in physical education activities.
2. Dress appropriately for physical activity.
3. Actively participate in warm-up exercises prior to participation in physical activity.
4. Demonstrate correct execution of warm-up and conditioning exercises.
5. Actively participate in drills designed to improve execution of skills
6. Incorporate skills in game and activity performance.
7. Demonstrate a knowledge of the rules governing physical activities.
8. Demonstrate a knowledge of the concepts inherent to physical activities.
9. Participate successfully in physical education activities.
10. Exhibit acceptable, social interaction skills, such as cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship, when participating in activities.
11. Exhibit a positive outlook toward physical activity.
12. Recognize the importance of cardiovascular development, physical fitness, psychomotor development and coordination.
13. Adhere to safety rules and regulations as established by the physical education department.


The following list of goals reflect the inclusion of the New Jersey Department of Education Core Curriculum Content Standards.

1. Students will develop an awareness of the role physical and health-related fitness activities play in the total health and well-being of the individual.

2. Students will realize the importance of including physical activity in their leisure-time activities to promote lifelong wellness.

3. Students will learn and apply movement concepts, elements of rhythm, biomechanical principles and skills that foster participation in physical activities throughout life.

4. Students will learn and apply knowledge about health-related fitness concepts, assessment methods and evaluation activities in order for them to develop a personal fitness plan and maintain acceptable levels of fitness.

5. Students will learn health promotion and disease prevention concepts and health-enhancing

6. Students will learn and apply basic principles of training to lessen chance of sports' injuries.

7. Students will learn health-enhancing personal, interpersonal, and life skills.

8. Students will enhance personal capabilities to assess and respond to behaviors and situations that threaten the health, safety and well-being of one's self and others.

9. Students will demonstrate the application of appropriate rules, strategies, and behaviors as a participant in and observer of physical activities.

10. Students will develop personal attitudes and behaviors that are conducive to self-fulfillment and positive social interaction.

11. Students will develop awareness of the careers that are available in the area of physical education.