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English Language Arts

Warren Hills Regional School District
Department of English Language Arts 
Keith E. Dennison, M. Ed.
Department Supervisor 
908.689.3143, ext. 1007   

Departmental Philosophy 

The English Language Arts Department is committed to preparing students for mastery of the Common Core State Standards focused on reading, writing, listening, speaking,and viewing skills.  Students will work with many different genres of literature and nonfiction texts during their two year sequence in English Language Arts to achieve mastery in these five skill areas.  Throughout the curriculum students will come to understand the craft of writing for different purposes.  As a result of their coursework, students will be provided ample opportunities to learn, practice, and master all of these skills and adapt them to appropriate purpose and audience.  The English Language Arts Department curriculum infuses technological tools where appropriate in order to prepare students to responsibly use and create digital media.

  English Language Arts Resources